Transition of Thoughts

Weaving thoughts into words



At first, she was scared that the weight of her

wings and gravity would make it painful

to fly but her mother calmed her down.


Off she went flying over the mountains and

the sea discovering a new world which

was both beautiful and threatening.


With time she started to enjoy flying be it

alone or in a flock so much so that

waited to fly off each day everyday.


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  1. This is quite lovely. I love the themes of overcoming fear, and how something we could fear might actually be enjoyable. Really like the rhythm here as well. Such a beautifully penned piece. I thank you for sharing it.

  2. I imagine there’s a lot of truth in this interpretation.

  3. I’m sure it’s like learning anything–there is a need to get past the fear. (K)

  4. They say inertia is the greatest force in the universe and I think why is the fear factor. Once you get past that, watch out. You made your poem fly with this message.

  5. I can picture a sweet bird just learning how to go off on its own.

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