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Celestial Revolution

Celestial Revolution

Uranus & Venus

decided to chart their own path

to revolve around.

* While the other planets revolve around the sun in about the same direction, Uranus and Venus are exceptions.

Linking to dVerse Poetics: Revolution


Precursor to the future




  1. Rebellion in our own solar system…what’s next?

  2. Absolutely beautiful and majestic. <3

  3. ahhh! what a nod to those two rebels! beautifully done!

  4. There’s a whole myth tucked away in those three lines. I wonder who will tell it?

  5. Rebel planets! I love it!

  6. crisp. these solar system family portraits don’t give the immense scale of the place.

    • transitionofthoughts

      Oh definitely! I am sure one can’t even begin to imagine the size of these galaxies.

  7. AHA! That is balance!

  8. Well now I’ve learned something new! (K)

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