Transition of Thoughts

Weaving thoughts into words



The dark secrets of

fear hidden in the inner

recesses of his mind.

The loneliness

had begun to gnaw at him

little by little.

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  1. You’re able to describe an approaching watershed moment in a person’s life well.

  2. “dark secrets of fear hidden…”

    “loneliness that had begun to gnaw…”

    Piercing images, accomplished through metaphor. Well conveyed!

  3. That “little by little” is very telling and trying

  4. vishalbheeroo

    The words are intensely deep and expressing with sensitivity what a person undergoing depression goes through. It pushes us to think before we ascribe label!

  5. well done for sharing this. important piece for those who have not experienced this to find out what it like to.

  6. the verb ‘gnaw’ is so well chosen

  7. The last line, “little by little” is a very effective almost ominous closing.

  8. I hope he has someone to call! (K)

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