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I had read a few of Sushmita’s blog posts on her experiences about life in the US. What I liked was the sincerity in the way she narrated her thoughts. And so I was quite curious to download and check out her book from the Blogchatter Library.

The blurb goes like this

Irrespective of the countries, when you immigrate, you expect a cultural shock. Indian millennials are very well adapted to the American culture, thanks to television. But is that enough? Every day is different – even when you have travelled the world and have enjoyed every land and its culture. This book talks about the daily struggles and the existential battle of a new Indian immigrant in the US.

The title and the cover which has an outline of Statue of Liberty and other skyscrapers is quite interesting. Though I felt that rather than a white background, maybe some more colour could have been added.

Sushmita has portrayed the good and the bad of an Indian immigrant’s life in the US. Being an NRI myself for most of my life, I can surely relate to a lot of it particularly missing Indian food, meeting Indian friends and families, being homesick and more.

What surely works well is how Sushmita has written about a varied set of experiences from the food habits to corporate life; from making friends to doing all the household chores. While we all have read personal accounts of Indians in the US, it’s always enlightening when someone writes about all kinds of day to day experiences. The narrative is very lucid and it works well.

The fun fact at the end of each chapter is quite well done too. It also shows the amount of research put in to ensure the facts are described as accurately as possible.

The only negative if I may call it that is the fact that the book feels more like a diary entry rather than a book as such. Maybe the use of caps in certain places could have been avoided. But then again, the author does promise a personal experience and delivers well on that front.

All in all, if you are looking for an in-depth view on what day-t0-day life has to offer in the USA, this is for you. I would say this also rings true in many ways for Indians anywhere around the world.

You can download the book here.

Rating – 4/5 

About the author

Sushmita, a proud Indian living in the United States, decided to work for herself after slogging in the corporate world for almost five years. She is a Master in Business Economics and loves to play with data. A creative content creator, she loves to talk about everything under the sun while she sips onto her bourbon, on the rocks. She is a writer by day and a reader by night and loathes to discuss herself in the third person.

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