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Book Review – Heroes of Kindness

Book Review - Heroes of Kindness

I have also wondered how so many of us are excited to read negative news time and time again. I guess it’s not because we want something bad to happen. But instead negativity seems to simply attract people more than positive acts. Positivity just seems par for the course. I knew that Dr Roshan had been writing about acts of kindness since quite a few years. And that’s why I wanted to download this book from the Blogchatter Library.

The blurb goes like this:

Imagine a newspaper filled only with positive stories. Have you ever seen one? Neither had the author Roshan, which is why he decided to create one himself. Heroes of Kindness showcases 50 acts of kindness and compassion by real-life individuals, acts that are guaranteed to bring a smile on your face and remind you that, perhaps, the world is not such a bad place after all.

The book has a simple title and cover page which goes well with the overall theme of what you are about to read. I like how Roshan mentions on the cover page “50 acts of kindness that will brighten your day”. It surely did brighten my evening.

These acts of kindness are from random people across the world from all walks of life such as doctors, shopkeepers, autorickshaw drivers and more. Each of them did something good without thinking of what they would get in return. With each story you smile or even cry happy tears in the end.

Roshan’s narration is lucid and easy to follow. He does quite well in detailing out every individual’s lives and how they encountered each and every situation by just being the best they can be.

Honestly, for such a book there’s nothing negative I could think about.

All in all, if you are looking for something that will make you happy and admire humanity especially in the current times of crisis we live in, please do download this immediately.

You can download the book for FREE from here.

Rating – 4.5/5

About the Author

Doctor Roshan Radhakrishnan wears many masks to make people forget their worries. Professionally, he works as an anaesthesiologist in Kerala to relieve pain and suffering. As a blogger, he achieves the same with his words, replacing the mask of an anaesthesiologist with that of a writer.

One of India’s longest running consistent blogs, accolades for his site Godyears,net include winning the Best Blog in India for Creative Writing at WIN’14, the Country’s First Live Blogging Conference and Awards Ceremony and the Best Blog from Kerala at the 2017 Indian Blogger Awards. Roshan Radhakrishnan is also the only Indian to win first place in the first two editions of Write India, India’s largest crowd sourced literary competition. Till date, 25 of his short stories have found their way into popular anthologies till date, in addition to his articles being featured in various mainstream media including The Huffington Post, NDTV, Outlook and The Times of India.

You can find him online on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or most likely, at his blog Godyears.

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  1. pythoroshan

    Thank you so much for the kind words, man 🙂 Hope you’re doing good.

    • transitionofthoughts

      I am doing great. Hope you are well too :). Thanks for the lovely read :).

  2. Dr. Roshan’s Heroes of Kindness is a really wonderful initiative. He narrates such heartwarming incidents that it reminds us to always believe in goodness no matter what. Glad you wrote this.

    • transitionofthoughts

      Oh yes especially considering the times we are in, Roshan’s book fills the reader with hope and happiness that the world still has a lot of good left. Lovely read :).

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