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100 word fiction: Snacking during lockdown

100 word fiction: Snacking during lockdown

“I am starting to feel that I need to socially distance myself from our kitchen. Look at the way I have been snacking away on chips and everything else since we got locked at home. Why haven’t you stopped me?” As the lockdown began, Rachel realized that her eating habits had gone for a toss.

“Hey, you are barking up the wrong tree. If you don’t have the determination to stop, is it my fault?” Ronald was left wondering.

“Fine. I promise that exercise along with having the right diet will be central for me to get back in shape.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.



Photography: Freedom


Photography: Boston Public Garden


  1. go for it, you can always lose it again afterwards

    • transitionofthoughts

      Haha that’s also there but then I guess she wanted to continue staying fit like before too.

  2. I am a chipaholic so I find nothing wrong here. thanks for joining in Aseem 🙂

    • transitionofthoughts

      Haha even I am one too :D. But there have been situations where I have started to feel that a certain sense of self control has become necessary ;).

  3. Self-awareness is key!

  4. I think a few of us will have some serious lifestyle changes to make once our normal lifestyle is resumed. 🙂

  5. Haha, socially distanced from the kitchen. I just got back to work this week and realized it’s been a few days since I’ve gone on one of the daily walks that once seemed so necessary for my sanity. I wonder when the gym will open again. Need to get my cardio back on but it is so hot and humid out by the time I get off work. Is my excuse. LOL.

  6. Lots of people are gaining the “quarantine 15.” Not me, fortunately!

    • transitionofthoughts

      Ahh that’s great :). Yeah I guess its really important to keep things in check with regards to the eating and exercise habits during this time. The long term effects could be harmful.

  7. Yeah, I have a couple of You Tube Pilates episodes saved. Haven’t looked at them yet. . . . .

  8. Been there, am doing that (the egregious snacking during lockdown.) Very topical story and nicely done.

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