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55 word fiction: Chaos

55 word fiction: Chaos

While sitting by the window, he could only wonder how in the midst of a global pandemic so many age-old issues regarding discrimination had come to the fore again. So much had changed but so much still remained the same. Just as the breeze picked up, he was lanced by an object thrown towards him.

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Breezy, Fandango One Word Challenge: Lance & Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner Week #23


Desert rain


Photography: Freedom


  1. So true. Some issues seem to smoulder away like a fire in the peat. Any fresh wind and up come the flames. 🙁

  2. Age-old and stubbornly unresolved issues.

    • transitionofthoughts

      That’s the sad part that the world has changed so much but certain things haven’t changed along.

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