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100 word story: Life

100 word story: Life

They sat there on the rocky outcrop wondering how their lives had changed. They both had rough childhoods and their notion of happiness was just to make more money and move out of their dingy homes.

Little did they know that more than a decade later they would have a house by the sea and a flourishing business which would put them among the creme de la creme in the city.

It was an idea which was enough to change their world and of those around them. Their life had taken a 360-degree turn like a circle in a spiral.

Linking to Sue Vincent’s Write Photo prompt, Ragtag Daily Prompt: Like a Circle in a Spiral and Fandango One Word Challenge: Notion


Photography: Harvard University Campus


100 word fiction: Holiday


  1. Oh, what a pleasant turnaround 🙂

  2. Fabulous 🙂 thanks for joining in

  3. Wow! I would be happy just being there- never mind the money 🙂 Fabulous turn in a circle in a spiral!

    • transitionofthoughts

      Oh definitely looks like a beautiful place to be in 🙂

  4. Life has a habit of following that spiral. Nice story, Aseem.

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