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Photography: Delicate colours

This week’s Lens – Artists Photo Challenge looks at delicate colours. I have been living in a desert for the last couple of years and therefore it’s generally a delight whenever we get to see different colours specifically in the winter season when the temperatures are about 15 degrees celsius in the day.

Below are some of my clicks during our park and farm visits during the last few years.

Photography: Delicate colours Photography: Delicate colours Photography: Delicate colours

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  1. Living in the desert I can understand the joy of colours when given the opportunity! Lovely and delicate and wellcome!

  2. My comment went away? I understand the welcome feeling of colours when you live in the desert – and we who don’t live in the desert feel the same. Lovely, colourful and delicate images!

  3. Nice photos. I like the perspective lines in #2, the red flowers merging with the airplane trails.

  4. Lovely but my favorite is always a sunflower. Beautiful!

    • transitionofthoughts

      Thanks Tina :). Yes sunflowers are definitely really beautiful :D.

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