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Hope is what we have

Hope is what we have

Someday, this will be over– only remembered like some half-felt and fading nightmare.

The sun is still rising from the east and setting from the west,

Birds are flying up and about without a care in the world,

Animals are roaming freely in their habitats,

The weather is having its usual cycles from one season to another,

The seas are going through their usual mood swings,

There is so much which hasn’t changed yet there is so much which is different,

Jobs have disappeared leaving many penniless,

There is a real struggle for food and water,

Businesses have been shut leaving people at home,

Cracks have appeared in family relationships leaving many broken families,

But hope is all what we have and can cling onto amidst this chaos.

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She was left stunned and confused


  1. There are many other things we can count as blessings. I grew up in a period when nuclear war was expected any moment, and I lived in an area expected to be the first hit.

    • transitionofthoughts

      Oh I am sure it must have been horrifying to live through it. I had actually read a recent message about how if someone would have been born in 1900, what all he or she would have seen considering the World Wars and so much more. So I guess the point was that for the current situation perspective is important as well since previous generations have seen so much as well in their own ways.

      • When we told my father, soon to celebrate his 100th birthday, that he had to isolate, his response was to say, You know it’s not the first time. And this time there’s no barbed wire.
        He’d been prisoner of war in Prussia for most of WWII. Liberated 75 years ago.

        • transitionofthoughts

          Ahh, that’s what I was talking about. I guess for so many of us who are seeing something like this for the first time in our lives, we just need to stand back and give ourselves time to think and get some perspective. But yeah I think for those who can’t afford to manage basic necessities are the ones who would face the major problems going forward.

          • I feel most for those who are now facing long-term unemployment. I know our town is going to be desperately hit, so reliant on tourism, leisure and entertainment.

          • transitionofthoughts

            Yeah the biggest challenge is for them to survive and also the daily wage workers in so many parts of the world :(.

          • Yep, always those economically deprived

          • transitionofthoughts

            True that.

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