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Photography: Mount Tahtalı

I quite like this week’s Lens-artists challenge which shows what a difference a little bit of photo editing can make.

This one is at the top of Mount Tahtalı in Antalya where we went by cable car. In the edited photo, I have just cropped out the viewing platform so that the nature around stands out in contrast.

Photography: Mount Tahtalı

Before editing

Photography: Mount Tahtalı

After editing

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  1. Hi, Aseem! Welcome to the challenge. I’m glad you joined us. I definitely agree–that your shot is more dramatic without the viewing platform. It also gives us more of a sense of the danger–that the view is so high and we feel like we’re looking out on a vast space. Nice work!

  2. This made a clearly positive difference!

  3. Good crop. Much better without the viewing platform.

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