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Weaving thoughts into words



Rajesh had been a nomad for years going from one place to another in search of a stable job and a steady income.

There were so many times when he felt empty and drained. But he still continued in the hope that things would become better. His family back home depended on his hard earned money.

But things had deteriorated quite rapidly since he joined his new job. His boss didn’t care about the general well-being of the subordinates. All he cared was that every employee did his 12 hour shift without slacking away.

It became too much to take and Rajesh had finally decided to give it all up and head back home.

Linking to Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Home in 114 words

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Photography: Colourful skies


Is there any point of dreaming?


  1. Sometimes we must… head back home, that is 🙂

  2. Maybe a wise decision!

  3. Hopefully that was the right thing to do, even though the money stopped coming in.

    My short story

  4. There comes a point where we have to make a choice… I think he made the right one.

  5. It is a better choice than being unhappy

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