Being an introvert was his way of life but

Life around changed within weeks,

Handshakes got replaced by footshakes,

While kisses and hugs were considered dangerous,

Social interactions got replaced by video calls,

While going outside was considered dangerous,

As the world began to lockdown,

The pollution levels plummeted like never before,

While the birds and animals were having all the fun

Loneliness and seclusion inside was taking a toll like never afore,

The sound of the cars on the road and roar of the planes in the sky were absent,

But humans began to adapt and started to gain their composure,

As everything started to go online, it all compensated for the boredom,

The world was much more different than ever before,

But for him it was if he felt a part of it like never afore.

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    • True that. While the rest may struggle to adjust, for the recluse things may be as before. Or even better.

  1. Nature is experiencing some positive changes because of the lockdown. It must be nice to get in touch with the solitude for Mother earth without all the noises of vehicles. Good one, Aseem.

    • I guess it surely is. Without all the noises, just taking in the sights and smells surely gives a one of its kind lovely feeling altogether :).

    • Oh yes, they are having a ball under the sun while humanity sits inside their homes.

  2. You captured the essence of these times. Bynthe way, I’m not one for poetry, but this format opened my eyes to other possibilities.

    • Thanks Ana :). To be honest I am not exactly sure this format works. But I was just trying something different to drive home my point about how loneliness and solitude have a part to play in this lockdown.

  3. Writing this in poem form really helped make it seem like it was this faraway time and place enhancing that lonely feeling. I’m a bit of an introvert as well, and life doesn’t seem to have changed as much for me as others. But I am thankful for the reduction of pollution. hah

    • Oh yes the decreased pollution has definitely helped. You know actually I read somewhere that for an introvert it may not entirely be a dream since everyone is locked home as well so there may be a lot of family at home as well :P.

  4. You do a nice job of conveying the mood of loneliness and disconnect here. You’ve also used an interesting format, but I wonder how it would look if you broke it down further into stanzas — each one containing a slightly separate idea. For example, the first stanza would focus on the fact that life changed suddenly, the second might be about lockdown and pollution levels plummeting, and so on. It would be interesting to play with the format a little and see which themes stood out.