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They had fallen in love. But within months, she knew that she was old-fashioned and not his type. And so, it all ended abruptly.

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  1. Smart girl. No point in dragging it out. People are who they are, they can’t change to fit your life, so if you stick around just to see if they will change, you are setting yourself up for hurt.

    • transitionofthoughts

      True that Christine. In such a relationship maybe there’s no point to just stick along just for the sake of it.

      • People don’t change and others are sadly disappointed when they try and it doesn’t work. It really isn’t fair to expect someone to conform to what you want, just so you are happy. That is not true love.

        • transitionofthoughts

          Yes completely agree. But then I do feel that some level of understanding is required to make a relationship work as well. Both the partners need to understand each other to make things work. As they say, the wheels of a car can work properly together in unison rather than separately.

          • For sure. I think it is unwise to think that people can agree 100% of the time or believe 100% of the same things. It is sort of idealistic.

          • transitionofthoughts

            True that.

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