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Six Word Story: Penniless #AtoZChallenge

Six Word Story: Penniless

He had become

penniless within weeks.

I am taking the A to Z Challenge 2020 with Blogchatter and my theme is Microfiction


100 word fiction: Obscurity #AtoZChallenge




  1. Six words to tell the reality for so many people…
    P is for Pojagi

  2. Strong. 6 words expressing a much bigger picture.
    — rightpurchasing

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  3. This is a very intense 6 word story

  4. Just another consequence of the lockdown.

  5. alpanadeo

    That is such a deep 6-words story. Its sad how circumstances have changed…

  6. Six words to represent the reality that we all face.

  7. The sad reality of today’s times. Six words that say it all.

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