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Microblog Mondays: 2020 – The decade of hope?

2020 - A decade of hope
Every year we all proclaim our New Year resolutions only to break them after a couple of days or weeks. But as the new decade begins, can we hope for the world to be a better place than before?

Could this be the decade of peaceful coexistence?

Could this be the decade when we start reversing the effects of global warming?

Could this be the decade when we forget our differences and work together for the greater good of humanity?

Could this be the decade when we start thinking of those worse off than ourselves?

Could this be the decade when countries start spending more to feed their own people rather than just spending to show their might to the world?

Could this be the decade when we move closer to a world where everyone is equal not just in words but in deeds too?

I am sure this sounds like a kind of utopian situation to most. But then we humans don’t always know what we are capable of. It’s only that we don’t seem to try.

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    Hoping these things right along with you.

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