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Thursday Tree Love: Glastonbury US

Glastonbury US #ShotoniPhone

This tree in Glastonbury, Connecticut is in full bloom during the fall season.

But the other tree behind it is a pale shadow of itself with its empty branches rising towards the sky. It is preparing for the winter as the leaves have all fallen by the wayside.

Linking to Thursday Tree love, a photo feature on Parul’s blog


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  1. Superb! Nature in full glory even as the leaves die and fall off!

    • transitionofthoughts

      Thanks Archana. Yeah these are the beautiful vagaries of nature :).

  2. Love the colors there and like you said the one behind is in different mood. Thanks for joining, Aseem. Will I see you on the 24th?

  3. I live in upstate New York State. We who live in the Northeast United States can take our colors for granted. I hope to see you again tomorrow with more of your Connecticut pictures, perhaps.

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