Another year goes by..

Another year of natural and man – made disasters goes by..

Another year of increasing crime goes by..

Another year goes by with increasing temperatures across the planet..

Another year goes by with false promises by politicians in power..

Another year of decreasing human interaction and increasing online interaction goes by..

This is one way of remembering the year gone by. Or…

Another year goes by when United Nations confirmed that the ozone hole would be fully healed across the world by 2060..

Another year goes by when Niger confirmed that it had planted 200 million trees in three decades resulting in a revolutionary environmental change across Africa..

Another year goes by when 25 million doses of a new cholera vaccine were administered globally and preparations began for the largest vaccination drive in history..

Another year goes by when a lot of countries declared that they had successfully been able to reduce drinking and smoking numbers through a variety of initiatives..

Another year goes by when many countries across the world stayed true to their word and played a massive role in increasing their renewable sources of energy..

Therefore it’s important to get perspective on would you want to remember the year gone by.

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