TheBlindList - A blind date with the world

Who doesn’t love the unknown? Who doesn’t love the mystery of travelling and exploring a new place? Who doesn’t love the delight in meeting people from different and trying out a variety of cuisines? What if I tell you, that you are going on a blind date with the world to some far off place which may or may not be in your bucket list, how would you react? Nervous? Scared? Apprehensive? Excited?

If someone were to take me to a place I haven’t even researched one bit, I would initially be nervous for sure wondering where am I going. But once I reach there, it would be a delight to explore by going with the flow. For many of us, its important to research all the hotspots of any location before we visit. It ensures that there are no surprises. But for others like me, while some research is fine, I like to keep my agenda fairly open. I feel that it’s important to get in the mood to see the sights and sounds. In my view if one just sticks to a specific planned itinerary, then the real fun of a trip is lost. It feels more like a course which needs to get done with rather than a trip to explore the unknown.

Now if I come to think of it, exploration of a new place without having read about it would be an even more enriching experience altogether. I have always believed that a traveler needs to be open minded when exploring the world. Go outside your comfort zone. Stay in an Airbnb rather than a hotel. Use the public transport rather than taxis. Try the local cuisines as much as you can rather than those from back home. Meet and greet strangers including locals and try to make as many friendships as you can. Go to places which are less frequented by tourists to understand what a city really feels like.

A trip like this into the unknown is sure to be a travel inspiration for others. The joy of unraveling the mystery and the aura of any place has a charm of its own. And that’s why we need to #SayYesToTheWorld to achieve #TheBlindList.