5 reasons am thankful for technology..

5 reasons am thankful for technology..

Whether we accept it or not, the technology at our disposal has made our world a smaller place in more ways than one. While there are positives and negatives for everything, I would still like to think positively as far as technology is concerned.

Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Weibo, Tencent, WeChat, Vkontakte, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and what not have provided us more ways than one to keep in touch with our near and dear ones. They help us remember and understand the likes, dislikes, where our loved ones are going, what they are doing and everything else happening in their lives. While on one hand, this may reflect on intruding someone’s privacy, on the other hand, this does play a role in bringing people closer whether in love, friendship or family relations. As they say “distance makes the heart grow fonder”.

Technology has helped us learn and understand things just at the click of a button. While schools and colleges are important in their own ways, today if someone isn’t able to go to a school or college but has an internet connection and even only a phone, he or she can learn so much. And this is where initiatives like the Rs 1000 odd Jio Phone with 4G by Reliance helps. There are so many courses and exams which can be completed online sitting in the cool confines of our homes.


Due to the advent of technology, our homes are filled with gadgets of every kind including TVs, washing machines, clocks, mixers, grinders, juicers, microwaves, ovens, fridges and so on and so forth. Today we have become so used to them that many of us can’t even imagine how we managed to live without such appliances in the past.

There was a time where if we had to go from one place to another, we had to plan months in advance and even the journey took days or weeks. While that does stand true even today if one wants to get cheaper tickets or reserve seats in time, life has become so much simpler that we can literally book plane, bus, train and even ferry tickets online and travel the same day if seats are available. And today, its possible to reach from one corner of the globe to another in just a couple of hours.

There was the Nokia ‘brick’ phone and today there is the iPhone 7 plus. In just about 20 odd years, phones have undergone a revolutionary transformation so much so that today MP3 players, CD players and even cameras (not the mighty DSLR) in many cases have become redundant as the Apple’s and the Samsung’s of the world pack some amazing music and photographic options in their devices.

While technology does have its negatives whether it’s people spending too much time on their phones and losing the real emotional human connect or parents giving phones to their children to make them quiet, overall there is a lot of optimism that technology brings which needs to be appreciated. In the end, its what we make of it that decides the pros and cons of technology.

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  1. Quite a lot of advantages to technology, that’s for sure. 🙂 Though I wonder if it is good to be that close to technology too. When it doesn’t work, it leaves us frustrated without a solution too.

    • I guess technology has its good and bad points. What’s most important is how we take the good and the bad is what defines whether its a boon or a bane.

    • Definitely Monika. As with everything, technology does have its good and bad characteristics. It’s what we make of it which makes the difference.

  2. It’s very true. More often than not people are found criticising technology and how it is affecting adversely. We fail to understand how it has become innate part of our lives. Come on I can’t imagine doing laundry, spices and so many other things manually 🙂

    • As with everything, there always the good and the bad. It’s what we make of technology which matters in the end. There’s so much it provides us with. We can’t just keep complaining till there’s no tomorrow.

  3. Advanced technology has become a necessary evil. I still miss the good ol’ days of 90s where scarcity was charming. Of course, having said that, cannot imagine the world without the ease of commuting, communicating and connecting now.

    • Oh the good old days look like such a different era compared to the one we are in currently. But that said, there’s so much about technology which we all am sure are thankful for.

    • Yeah definitely I guess how each of us uses technology is what defines it whether boon or bane.

  4. I so agree with you.Though technological advances has its flipside , it cannot be denied that largely they have completely changed and eased the way we humans interact, travel and perform our chores.