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Microblog Mondays: Global Warming

Global Warming

It’s the same story every year and things seem to be just getting worse as the years pass by. Flooding in India, Nepal and Bangladesh have killed more than a 1000 people already in 2017. With rainfall of 300mm on 29th August 2017, Mumbai, India’s financial capital had its wettest August day in 2 decades. With a recovery cost of more than $ 180bn, Hurricane Harvey is expected to surpass Hurricane Katrina as the worst storm on record in United States.

The carbon dioxide levels are at an all time high. The global sea temperatures are breaking records like never before thus creating even stronger storm events. The extent of ice in Antartica is lower than it has ever been. There have been record heatwaves across Europe and US leading to multiple wildfires.

Amidst all this, out came the news that US had pulled out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. While this was a big blow in the fight to make the world a ‘livable’ place again, the other countries need to step up sooner rather than later else we can just sit and wait for things to get even worse. But things are not necessarily as bad as they seem.

China has already met its 2020 solar energy target 3 years earlier. India has quadrupled its solar energy capability in just about 3 years. While electric cars are making quite a lot of news across the world, it’s in India where an ambitious drive is on the way to ensure an electric car only future by 2030. But there’s still a lot which needs to be done and it’s important that each of us play our part in it.

Whether it’s avoiding wastage of any kind, using as less plastic as possible, using bio-degradable products among others, we all need to be the change we want to see.

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  1. This is a very serious problem. Needs urgent attention

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