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A divided world

A Divided World

Everyday we hear and read about violence in various forms. We hear about hate, death and despair inflicted upon humanity across the planet.

We read about how arguments over the smallest of things could turn into national or international disasters if proper attention is not given. All this makes one wonder on how we can continue to live in such a divided world.

But then, it’s important to note that for every hate filled rant, there are numerous people who go about their lives doing good for others without announcing to the world. There are those who help anyone without asking for anything in return.

I have always realized that it’s human tendency to concentrate on all the wrongs happening in the big bad world out there considering even the media knows that this sells the best.

But we humans need to look around and see that though the world has a lot more divisions today than before, there is still hope left and by spreading love and care over hate and violence, we can start to be the change we want to see.

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  1. Exactly the point I say to many, but then we can’t change the world!

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