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N for Nizwa Fort in Oman

N for Nizwa Fort in Oman

The road leading to the Nizwa Fort

N for Nizwa Fort in Oman

The cannons welcome you

Forts are the heart and soul around which a lot of history revolves around in Oman. Nizwa Fort located in the city of Nizwa about 160km from Muscat, Oman’s capital is one of the most visited national monuments in the country.

N for Nizwa Fort in Oman

Nizwa Fort welcomes you

N for Nizwa Fort in Oman

It was built by Imam Sultan Bin Saif Al Ya’rubi sometime around the 1650s. He is known as the one who played a key role in removing the Portugese from Oman.

N for Nizwa Fort in OmanN for Nizwa Fort in Oman

This fort took about 12 years to build and is another fantastic example of the Omani architecture and culture. The main cylindrical tower rises to about 3om giving a birds eye view of Nizwa city.

N for Nizwa Fort in Oman

One of the numerous wells in the fort

N for Nizwa Fort in Oman

The narrow staircases

The fort also includes a number of wells, prison grounds, narrow and twisted staircases, long corridors, cannons, prisons and more.

N for Nizwa Fort in Oman

View from the top

N for Nizwa Fort in Oman

The giant flagpole at the top

It was the perfect place to withstand the military challenges faced during the 1650s whether it was mortar fire or any kind of surprise attacks. There are also a number of openings in the fort which were meant to station the fighters.

N for Nizwa Fort in Oman

The jewellery during those days

N for Nizwa Fort in Oman

The fort also has a number of exhibits and artifacts which give quite a sneak peak into the eras gone by.

N for Nizwa Fort in Oman

The souq is a perfect place for a quick bargain

And to top it all, a visit to the nearby souk is a must if you are looking for something ethnic and are ready for a bargain.

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Note: This experience is part of the 5 day trip organized for three bloggers by Ministry of Tourism, Oman & Indiblogger from 25th October to 30th October 2014.

I am participating in the A To Z Challenge for the second time this year and I am penning travelogues.



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  1. Oman is on my wish list, and your post just made me want to plan it soon, Aseem! I want to shop in that Souk!

  2. upasna1987

    My Father was posted in Oman many years back but I never got a chance to visit. Thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks for the virtual trip. Nice pics.

  4. Aseem, your photos are the best things that make your blog so beautiful.

  5. The fort looks amazing

  6. Even though most Indian tourists head to Dubai, they have no idea how beautiful Oman is. While Dubai is all about steel and glass, It is Oman that has many beautiful natural sites. Oman also has some of the best resorts in this region. Your post re-affirmed this.

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