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K for Kuwait

K for Kuwait

An early morning walk at the beach

K for Kuwait

A cloudy winter day

For most people, the country Kuwait generally evokes phrases like oil rich nation, hot weather etc. But it’s a country of numerous beaches as well. And what if I tell you that in this country you can take a nice long walk along the beautiful beaches for many months of the year?

K for Kuwait

The sun sets over the Arabian Gulf

K for Kuwait

Kuwait’s skyline in the distance

These walks particularly in the cooler months from November to March can make you feel refreshed and ready for a long hard day ahead. The sunset over the Arabian Gulf is surely one to watch for.

I am participating in the A To Z Challenge for the second time this year and I am penning travelogues.


J for Jabrin Fort in Oman


L for Lycabettus Hill in Athens


  1. Kuwait and beaches? NEVER KNEW! :O Lovely sunset pic!

  2. How nice… Looks lovely… What about the food? I am sure its awesome…

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