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I for India (Goa)

I for India (Goa)

Just landed at the Dabolim Airport onboard Indigo Airlines

I for India (Goa)

At the Zuri Resort in Varca, Goa

When you think of Goa, you think of booze, good looking men & women, beaches, the sun & sands, churches and so on.

I for India (Goa)

The sun rises on another day in Goa

I for India (Goa)

Nature at its best

But there’s a natural side to all this as well. There is miles and miles of greenery as far as the eyes can see. During my visit, the sun regularly played hide and seek with the clouds and the partly cloudy skies provided an excellent contrast to the green surroundings.

I for India (Goa)

Greenery as far as the eyes could see

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I am participating in the A To Z Challenge for the second time this year and I am penning travelogues.


H for Helgeandsholmen in Stockholm


J for Jabrin Fort in Oman


  1. Anything Goa and I can’t miss it, lovely pics, ;lovely post. here from a to z.

  2. Goa rocks man. I woke up to the New year there four years back and fell in love with the South Side, Palolem Beach and also visited the Science centre:) It was less of booze but more in finding serenity. Yes, you can do that in Goa.

  3. Well not all Goa are same.. Some Goa are nothing like Bewda Heavan…. like i found on a south Goa beach…

  4. Pikakshi

    India’s Las Vegas and beauty galore!
    Just so lovely. Thanks for sharing.
    Please stop by our site:

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