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G for Gamla stan

G for Gamla stan

Narrow alleys of Gamla stan

G for Gamla stan

Stockholm is a city of churches

Gamla stan is the old medieval town of Stockholm. It’s full of some fantastic attractions like a host of churches, palaces, souvenir and handicrafts shops and more. I bought a couple of souvenirs, bookmarks and candies.

G for Gamla stan

Cobbled Streets of Gamla stan

G for Gamla stan

Colourful buildings at Gamla stan

When I entered one of the shops, the shopkeeper excitedly asked “Aur bhaisaab kya haal hai? (How are you in Hindi)”. On asking, I came to know that the guy was from Afghanistan. Sweden has for long welcomed people from various parts of the world and it surely was on display at this souvenir shop. The cobbled streets throughout this town along with buildings of various shades and colours give it a unique feel.

G for Gamla stan

G for Gamla stanThe area looks really pedestrian friendly. We had taken a walk from our hotel (Scandic Klara) in Slodjgatan crossing the islet of Helgeandsholmen which along with Riddarholmen, one of the neighbouring islets together forms part of Gamla stan.

G for Gamla stan

Evening falls over Stockholm on another cold winter day

I am participating in the A To Z Challenge for the second time this year and I am penning travelogues.


F for Free Moscow Tour


H for Helgeandsholmen in Stockholm


  1. Great pictures. That looks like a fantastic place to visit, especially because it is pedestrian friendly.

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  3. I love cobblestoned pathways. There’s such an old-world, other-world feel about them as you walk over them.

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