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100 word fiction: The wax figures..

The wax figures


A wax museum in the sleepy town of Troddle had risen to prominence courtesy George, one of it’s residents. His museum had figures of famous people from around the town and the cities nearby.

His work was so good that almost all the wax figures actually seemed like real people.

But no one ever knew the secret of his work until the death of his fiancee opened a can of worms.

The police who were already on the search for a number of abductions found that George killed people for money and then turned their dead bodies into wax figures.


100 word fiction: The rise..


Lights, Camera, Action! #AtoZChallenge


  1. Um. Wow. Not many words and so many twists and turns. That was fantastic! I’m going to write a 100-word story tomorrow. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Eeeeuwwww! Almost as sick as the guy in the book/movie “Perfume”…

  3. Gruesome. Well done

  4. Yuck! Although my practical side asks how he did it! Nice one. ps. I think there’s an ‘of’ missing from your first line!

  5. Ayee, the things people do for their art… great story.

  6. Wow Aseem, that’s something very interesting. Such fast transition of instances and with so less words.

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