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The darkest day of her life…

Sexual Assault: Darkest day of her life

That had to be the darkest day of her life.

That was the day when she was told that she needed to dress in a certain way to protect herself.

That was the day when she felt naked despite being fully clothed.

That was the day when she saw a mob of hungry men on the prowl for their prey.

That was the day when she saw people recording videos of assaults rather than helping the victims.

That was the day when she wished every mother had taught her son to respect women.

That was the day when she realized that we have regressed as a society.

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  1. WritefullyYours

    Very powerful !

  2. Can’t agree much, shame on the society we live in and shame on the culture we proudly flaunt.

  3. To know that there are men like you is a great relief in itself. I know not all men are rogues, but yes, there are lot out there who need to change for the good. Thanks for writing this.

  4. How bad are the times we are living in. This should stop!
    I recently posted:

    • transitionofthoughts

      They definitely should. But sadly so many such incidents still continue :(.

  5. We are all saddened by what happened few days back. It is not a girls fault but as a society we have failed to protect our girls from such predators.

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