Speaking English can take you places

Speaking English can take you places

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There was a time when speaking English was associated with a person’s status and financial standing in Indian and many other societies around the world. But the times are changing fast. English is slowly but surely becoming one of the most widely spoken languages on the planet.

While Chinese and Spanish are the top two most widely spoken languages in numbers, English which comes in third in the list is one of the most widely accepted among the global market whether on the business or political landscape. While many countries give importance to their own languages like German, Japanese, Russian etc., even in these countries English is regarded as a 2nd language which is an important criterion to move higher up the career ladder in any multi-national organization.

If you are looking to go for further studies in any country, most text books are in English or if not in English originally, they are translated from the local language into English. The classes are more often than not conducted in English so that despite all our lingual differences, we all have one language in which we can communicate.

For those who love to travel (like me), knowing English can be of utmost help as most places have English signboards or names along with the local language equivalent. Countries like Russia where it’s difficult to survive without knowing Russian are more the exception than the norm.

Knowing English can also take you places both in your personal and professional lives. It’s always easy to make friends and communicate with people be it closing deals with clients or even having random conversations with strangers. Communicating in English helps you earn respect from the people around you and also gives you more power and influence considering the fact that it is widely used in books, movies, social media, newspapers, science, courts, online content and more.

While I for one bit don’t downplay the importance of knowing one’s first language be it Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, German, Russian, Spanish, Mandarin or any other, English surely has an importance of its own. Whether we like it or dislike it, knowing English can go a long way in helping you earn big bucks and go places. In short, it can surely add that missing sparkle to your overall personality.

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