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Events of our lives..


We all have many life events which we remember for a long time be it birthdays, anniversaries, the day we marry, the day we fall in love for the first time, the day we have our first breakup, the day we come first in class, the day we make new friends, the day our parents gift us a new laptop or phone  and many more. These are the days when we thank God for keeping us happy and contented. But as is human nature, we also remember the bad times for a variety of reasons as well.

For me, one of the key life events which I have been thankful for is the fact that I got a chance to go out of my comfort zone to complete my graduation and post – graduation in India. I had always lived a sheltered and well protected life while growing up in the Sultanate of Oman. There was almost never a time when I didn’t have AC be it at home, school, malls or in cars. There was almost never a time when my parents weren’t around for their support in anything and everything I wanted. Most importantly, there was no pollution – water, air, noise whatsoever.

It took me about 2 years to get settled in India and acclimatize myself to all the microorganisms and the pollution around. In this period, I constantly fell sick but I slowly but surely fought it out. My 10 years in India which included both my study and work lives was the time when I grew up from being a teenager to a young adult.

This decade taught me to be independent in basic things like washing my own clothes, cooking, managing my own money, going to different places all on my own. This decade taught me that if one sticks it out in tough conditions initially, one is surely bound to thrive as the years go by. This decade taught me that one will always meet different kinds of people many of whom will be friends or acquaintances but as one starts rising up the career ladder, there will also be a lot of them who will try to take you down.

There were many times like during powercuts, constant rains, having to run around for official work etc. when I used to wonder how things would be if I were in Muscat and all things were given to me on a platter. But then amidst these thoughts, there was always a voice which exclaimed that these things are part and parcel of life and nothing to be really alarmed about. We shouldn’t let them define our lives but instead try our best to fight through them. I know I sound like an NRI (Non Resident Indian) who complains but when you have lived a life free of all this for years, it does take some time to adjust.

Through this decade, I also got a chance to discover few things I love like writing and travelling. While blogging gave me a chance to meet new friends, get a lot of recognition in terms of awards and prizes and also fulfill my dream of writing stories, travelling to more than 15-20 cities across India, Singapore, Russia, Kenya, UAE, Oman and more was a dream come true as I got to meet new people, experience new cultures and new cuisines. This passion for blogging and travelling gave me a new kind of high which I wish to continue for many more decades to come.

If my time in Muscat during my school days was bliss, this decade in India was surely not far behind in terms of learning the tricks and trade of surviving in the big bad world out there.

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  1. Very well said Aseem,you are rewarded when you struggle for your lifestyle alone and succeed in establishing a standard on your own.

  2. True! Going out of comfort zone and acclimatising the new environments teaches us a lot.

  3. Definitely a life event worth being thankful for. Even wanting to adust to these things may make many unhapps. But you are doing it with a positive mindset.That’s commendable.
    Thank you so much for bring a part of #Thankful Thursdays .I look forward to your posts.

  4. I am glad that you are thankful for this event, Getting everything is not life. Coming out of your comfort zone, adjusting, learning, and experiencing new events is what gave the real meaning to your life. Stay blessed 🙂

  5. I can relate your feeling with me Aseem.
    As I have also come to new city (Kolkata) which is culturally different from my home city (Bhopal), although I am in the same country, but during these 10 years you may have get the idea of how much people are different in different parts of India.
    In my home also, I was pampered like anything, but these last two years in Kolkata made a me different person in a good way and I am enjoying it like you 🙂

  6. Thanks for linking up to #HappySuunday Aseem. You seem to have adjusted well to the Indian conditions well. I have seen many of my friends and family run back to countries they are now citizens of, complaining about the pollution here. I really am glad that you did love this place above the comfort you have had all your growing years.
    Menaka Bharathi has recently published

    • transitionofthoughts

      Oh yes while it was quite difficult to adjust, I guess it depends on individual to individual. If one is used to a certain lifestyle for a very long time, then it may take a lot of time for adjustment. But if not, then things are faster and much easier.

  7. Coming out of the comfort zone and then excelling in new conditions is a great exercise for anyone’s life. Congratulations you did great at that. Thank you for linking up with #ThankfulThursdays

  8. Agree..tough times teach us a lot about life and everything else. Sometimes we need to come out and explore the world to understand its worth. Good one 🙂

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