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100 word fiction: Road trip of a lifetime..

The lovely roads go on and on..

The lovely roads go on and on..

The sun was streaming through the tall pine trees lined up along the highway. It was still an hour to dusk but the temperature had already dropped a notch or two.

The three had planned such a road trip for months on end without any success. While two of them were busy in their 9 to 5 corporate lives, it was left to the one who travelled for a living to come up with a plan which made sense. 

He knew that a road trip on the US East Coast surely had the makings of a trip of a lifetime. 

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Tina Basu

NaBloPoMo November 2016


A life event am thankful for..


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  1. Your opening image is beautiful.

  2. Lovely. Hope they did manage to take it.

  3. Interesting road trip in the making.I used to love road trips before I became a mom After that it was a little difficult for the little one.But road trips are the best way to travel and sad in the sights

  4. Right now I am in a mood for a roadtrip to anywhere actually. All toll roads are free too! Very nice Aseem

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