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A letter to life

A letter to life

A letter to life


Dear Zindagi (Life),

You have quite literally been a bed of roses till date. Everyone has his or her share of horror stories and troubles which shape their childhood and thinking. But in my case, it has almost been as perfect as it gets. While I know that it may not always be the case, I truly appreciate what all you have given me.

Once the right values and beliefs were inculcated in me, I was always encouraged to chart my own course in my career. There was never any force or coercion to do things to please others or live life on other’s terms. And the best part was the fact that my loved ones supported me all the way in any decision that I took. They have always believed that one can discuss anything with multiple people but the final decision should rest with the individual. And they taught me the same.

While growing up, I was blessed to be surrounded by a happy and loving family. I was always taught that even if it’s your father or mother, you should always express your love and affection. It surely doesn’t cost a thing. A happy family ensured that I could concentrate on my career and building my brand knowing well that I have loved ones who would wholeheartedly support me in whatever I do. It was a pleasure to know that everyday I could come back to a close knit family.

It’s said that one learns the most important lessons of life at home and at school. And that way, I must say that I was really lucky to be surrounded by wonderful friends, understanding teachers and parents who have been more as friends rather than strict indivduals. It is through them that I got to the learn the meaning of love, togetherness, brotherhood, care, concern, kindness, patience and more.

If I look back, when I began my graduation and stepped out of my comfort zone into a hostel, it was the beginning of my journey from being a teenager into a young adult. It was the start of a journey which would make me independent, assertive and confident in taking my own decisions my way.

Along the way, I did get to meet all kinds of people some who were very good and some who weren’t so good. But isn’t that what life is all about? There was lots to learn and unlearn from each of them.

I have also been privileged to visit and stay in more countries than many do in their entire lifetime. That has played a huge role in shaping my thinking and understanding of the world and the people around us. Meeting people from different cultures, having different cuisines and seeing a variety of interesting places surely makes for interesting stories, doesn’t it?

All said and done, I am sure you do have downs as well and I am ready to fight and get through them whenever they do come. Someone has truly said that life is full of crests and troughs. For every dark night, there is a bright new day full of hope to look forward to.

Thanks for having taught me so much in the last 3 decades and am sure there’s so much more to learn as we go on.

Three cheers to life!!!

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