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100 word fiction: Zero – An opportunity or a curse?


Zero - An opportunity or a curse?

Zero – An opportunity or a curse?


“You weren’t able to score a run in today’s game. Your technique against the moving ball seemed quite awful.”

“While I accept my mistakes in today’s game, I see it as an opportunity to improve the next time around.”

The southpaw had a spectacular introduction into cricket a few years ago with a swashbuckling century. He had subsequently gone on to score runs against a variety of opposition.

Having been there and done that, he knew that crests and troughs were part of any cricketer’s job. And he would get out of the run scoring drought sooner rather than later.

Indispire Edition 144: Write a post on 0 (Zero). Write anything- humour, short story, haiku, poem, or a memory.


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  1. Roller coaster is everywhere. Part and parcel of everything. Always!

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