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Microblog Mondays: Can pollution be reversed?

It's becoming difficult to freely breathe in our clogged cities

It’s becoming difficult to freely breathe in our clogged cities


We all keep cribbing about pollution of all kinds from air pollution to noise pollution each and every day of our lives. With many of India’s cities in the top 10 most polluters on the planet, we are used to smoky air for breathing and noise many decibels higher than what our ear drums are generally used to hearing.

There have been numerous awareness campaigns and initiatives to reverse or stop polluting the surroundings. From planting trees to using renewable energy like wind energy, hydroelectric power, solar energy and nuclear power, from using public transport to the odd – even car policy in Delhi, there’s a lot which has been done for our future generations to breathe clean air and live a life free from all the noise around us.

There are many who are doing their bit to be the change they want to see. Whether it’s campaigns to plant trees or NGOs which engage in cleaning the beaches from the marine waste; whether it’s recycling waste or encouraging saving of natural resources like water, things are being done bit by bit to make the world a better place to live.

But sadly, I have always felt that these changes are happening too slowly for many to even notice. The pollution levels and cases of diseases like cholera, asthma, lung cancer etc. are rising all the time. There’s dust and digging of roads going on endlessly. The rivers are polluted more than everywhere by all kinds of waste. The air is still as smoky as ever day in and day out.

And this is where I sadly feel that despite all the UN regulations on climate change , we have slowly but surely reached a point of no – return when it comes to pollution. We maybe able to slow down the effects of pollution but reversing it is almost an impossible task. And unless, these measures to counter the pollutants outweigh the pollution being actually caused, we seem to be fighting a lost battle.

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  1. DCJ

    Such a dire and alarming issue… and I tend to agree with you that the point-of-no-return is near, if not already passed. What can I say but… good post?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks for stopping by :). Yeah the point of no – return seems to have come and gone. And our human race has just been twiddling our thumbs :(.

  2. Mel

    I try to be optimistic about it and do my part to protect the planet, but deep down, I fear that you’re right. Especially because it seems impossible to get people on-board with changing habits.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah I guess sometimes I feel people have become used to living in polluted cities or literally in dustbins. Seeing dirt and waste thrown around seems like part and parcel of daily lives. Even dogs clean any place before they sit there. But we humans have slowly become even worse than them :(.

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