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Five Sentence Fiction: Flowers at the door..

Smelling the flowers proved to be disastrous

Smelling the flowers proved to be disastrous


It had been a few days since she had started getting those flowers at the doorstep. Though there wasn’t a name or a message, her initial reaction was of utmost happiness and delight as she seemed to have an inkling on the sender.

Interestingly, though these were beautiful, these flower types weren’t the usual kinds which people gifted their loved ones.

As the days went on, though the flowers kept coming weekly, her condition had started deteriorating with debilitating affects being observed on her nervous system courtesy the smell of these flowers.

What started as delight was slowly but surely turning into a cold blooded murder.

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  1. Loved it – do continue into a full fledged fictional story or better still ask fellow bloggers to guestblog on it to build one story / or multiple with varied angle…

  2. Whoa! And I certainly didn’t expect that! Great, Aseem 🙂

  3. Engrossing end and it blew the mind. You have a knack for fiction…was superb.

  4. Good one..nice twist you gave there 🙂

  5. omg…how cruel…but I like twists and dark endings! Loved it 🙂

  6. again one post with twist & suspense

  7. Oh my God!So here was someone who was sending her toxic flowers and killing her.What a way to kill!

  8. I like tiny fictions with a twist! Nicely done!

  9. woa!! now that’s definitely a cold blooded murder. Loved the way of killing thought… it’s literally killing with kindness 🙂

  10. Maybe that’s why they say, “Love kills!” Eerie, unexpected twist! Well knit!

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