Half time 2016

Half time 2016

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So we have already the crossed the first half of the year. As always, it feels as though the months have passed by quicker than I can even imagine. And soon we will bid goodbye to another year gone by.

January started off with me still dreaming about my trip to Moscow and the lovely winter there. There were travel posts galore of the times in Moscow, Kuwait and Singapore. February and March were all about family and fun. I went home for the first time after coming to Kuwait and it truly felt like those days back in Muscat whenever we used to go home during the school summer vacations. There was also the trip to Dubai which culminated in a number of travel posts as well.

One of the big surprises of the year was the fact that one of my stories written about 6 years back was published in an anthology –  Memoirs of Dreamers. This was my third foray into the world of published anthologies and I must say that it felt as delightful as the first time.

This year I finally decided to take part in the AtoZ challenge which involves using the letters from A to Z and blogging for 26 days (except Sundays) in April. It’s a challenge taken by a huge number of bloggers across the world every year and I the experience was fantastic particularly due to the support provided by Richa and her lovely Blogchatter.

The Blogchatter group was an eclectic mix of lovely bloggers who selected a varied set of themes and the constant discussions was motivating enough to keep posting as per the schedule and not lag behind.

While May flew by quickly, June was the start of the holy month of Ramadan when office timings are reduced by a couple of hours and a lot of people go on holidays as the school summer vacations are on and the heat is at its peak. It’s also the month to rest, relax and reflect on the months gone by and plan for the future ahead.

From a blogging perspective, this year has been a bit slow for me. But I hope to improve on the numbers as the days go by.

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