Microblog Mondays: The rising mercury..

The mercury touches 50 degrees

The mercury touches 50 degrees

The summer has slowly but surely set in many parts of the world. As the mercury touched a scorching 50 degree Celsius (122 degree Fahrenheit) for a while here in Kuwait today, I was left wondering on the trials and tribulations various people around the world undergo due to extreme weather events.

It’s unfortunate that in many countries, the homeless in particular suffer during winter due to the extreme cold, during summer due to the scorching heat and even during the rainy season in case it rains more than normal. These are the people who quietly suffer and go about their lives far away from the news and social media where people lie busy creating hashtags to exclaim about the weather in the cool comforts of their homes.

As life goes on and global warming starts to have it’s effect, scientists have exclaimed that extreme weather events may be the new normal.

In such a case, the least we can do is help those in need to have a roof on their head, get access to clean food and drinking water and more importantly give them the belief that we care for them. So step out of your homes and look around at the numerous NGOs who are helping the homeless pick up the pieces of their lives and resolve to bring a change in the life of an individual. Every small step counts.

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