How to deal with criticism?

How to deal with criticism?


We all face criticism at various stages in our lives. Whether at home, at work, at school or anywhere outside, positive or negative criticism is part and parcel of our daily lives. But then, how does one deal with it?

What’s most important is to hear the person out. He or she may actually be saying things without any proof or example whatsoever. But one shouldn’t get angry without even listening to the person completely. Getting angry can only lead to further negative criticism.

Whether one agrees or not with the positive or negative criticism, it’s important to take it away and think about why the person said whatever he or she did. It’s vital to introspect whether there’s any truth in it. If there is, then it’s critical to list down the steps to improve and make efforts to do so. There shouldn’t be any excuses for the same.

If it is not true, then one needs to talk to the person who voiced critical comments in the first place. Again, it’s important to not let emotions take control during this talk. Rather, it’s all about being calm and understanding the other person’s thoughts.

A lot many around us particularly those who want us to fail like to criticise every action of ours – left, right and center. But we need to learn to ignore such individuals as they have nothing better to do. On the other hand, whenever our loved ones voice any critical comment about us, we need to address it rather than simply ignoring it.

Only if a person cares will he or she actually take the pain to provide critical comments about one’s actions.

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