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100 word story: United

They were united in adversity...

They were united in adversity…


“All you think about is the value of the property you will get if any of the brothers separate. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

Alok along with his 3 brothers had stayed in the locality for more than 50 years. The brothers were respected in the community and were known to be kind and helpful to all and sundry. Seeing them happy surely didn’t please a lot of people who tried unsuccessfully to separate them many a time.

Back home, while the wives often quarrelled on needless things, the brothers ensured that they always stood united in the face of any adversity.

I am participating in the A to Z challenge in April  and the theme I have chosen is Micro-fiction

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  1. Archie

    Fab! It makes me feel good when brothers ensure unity of the family and the family’s assets! Kithe ho btw?

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