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Five Sentence fiction: Malice #AtoZChallenge

The time had come to take revenge..

The time had come to take revenge..


“You deserve this for all what you have done to me.” And he walked off leaving him bleeding on the road.

While they were the best of friends since childhood, Bobby was way ahead of Ronnie at every step in life be it at work, in making women fall in love with him or making lots of money. Though he was slowly but surely burning with jealous rage, Ronnie held on in the hope of guarding his friendship.

But when Bobby tried to woo Ronnie’s girlfriend, something snapped and Ronnie knew that the time had come to get back.

I am participating in the A to Z challenge in April  and the theme I have chosen is Micro-fiction

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  1. Jealousy, love and revenge. Those three never fall in place together.

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