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Five Sentence fiction: Banished #AtoZChallenge

She suffered at his hands..

She suffered at his hands..


“You deserve to be thrown out of the community and this village forever for the sin you have done of falling in love with a guy from another caste.”

Rajesh, her father and head sarpanch went on as he pulled her by her hair from their house to the center of the village and thrashed her.

Hers was a simple family in a village where the panchayat made all decisions on whatever they thought was good and bad for everyone irrespective of what the ministers in the government decided.

She was frustrated seeing her father come home drunk and hit her mother day in and day out.

When Rohan came into her life, it seemed as though her life had some meaning and she even hoped to convince her family one day.

I am participating in the A to Z challenge in April  and the theme I have chosen is Micro-fiction

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  1. Fiction here but reality in many parts of our country right?
    Nicely written piece.
    Reema D’souza from
    Reem Writes…

  2. Powerful. Why, why, why does this happen?! Empowering the girl child is all I can think of to combat this evil. Good going Aseem 🙂

  3. One of the major issue of our Indian society …
    Looking ahead to see what’s the final take in the story .

  4. Gosh! Hope she’s able to convince her family. It’s sad how adults can’t choose who they want to spend their life with.

  5. Sad to see honour killings in a progressing country and the khaps interfering with people’s basic right to live. Very well written.

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