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Microblog Mondays: Aviation turbulence..

Is aviation turbulence dangerous?

Is aviation turbulence dangerous?


As we took off from Delhi for our 55 minute flight to Lucknow, we ran into quite a bit of turbulence. Sitting almost at the tail of the aircraft, we could feel the bumps even more so much so that one of my fellow passengers asked the air-hostess if this was happening for the first time.

While aviation has made our world smaller than ever before by reducing distances and times between continents, there are many who are nervous flyers. Whether it’s sweaty palms or a chill down their spine, the signs are ominous.

For those who don’t know, turbulence isn’t always associated with stormy weather. There is also the concept of clear air turbulence (CAT) which occurs when different bodies of air meet at varied speeds at a height of 23,000-39,000 feet. Interestingly, CAT is also the most difficult to detect.

And therefore, it is always suggested to keep your seat-belts loosely fastened at all times during the flight lest you suffer any kind of injuries.

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  1. Mel

    Just the title made me feel nervous. I am not a great flyer. I am always relieved when I can drive or take the train vs flying.

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