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Moscow Diaries: Ice-cream at -10 degrees

Want some ice-cream?

Want some ice-cream?


Are you a winter kid who would love to go out for a walk when it’s bone-chilling cold?

It was around -10 degrees in the evening when I was out for one of the City Tours in Moscow. While I had quite a few reservations about handling the cold before I landed in the city, I adapted myself quickly enough with more than enough layers of clothing. While on the tour, all of us decided to head to an ice-cream parlour.

Ice-cream in the middle of winter? You gotta be kidding me. But I must say that this is an experience all ice-cream lovers would truly appreciate ;). That feeling of taking each bite of the ice-cream without worrying about it melting away is priceless.

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  1. totally agree with you! That awesome feeling of having an ice cream in biting cold weather 🙂

  2. Mel

    Not a fan of being cold at all (and I’m usually cold even through summer so winter is particularly hard), but I do eat ice cream through the winter. I even brought back ice cream from a recent beach trip so we could have it for dessert on Thanksgiving.

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