Why should you report sexual violence?

Why should you report sexual violence?

Why should you report sexual violence?

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Newspapers across the world are filled with various incidents of sexual violence day in and day out. Perverted & voyeuristic minds, patriarchal societies, the repression of women at every level are some of the underlying factors which have led to an alarming increase in sexual assaults across nations.

While a lot of such cases are being reported, there are thousands more which aren’t reported at all. Whether it’s the fear of being outcast or the fear of death, there are so many countries where women are scared of even going to the police station.The societal reactions make people turn a blind eye to the sufferings faced by women which could even be their own daughters. But they rarely realize that if such incidents go on, the so called civilized society will slowly cease to exist.

What will the society think? Will anyone marry the victim? What about our status in the society? How will she continue her job amidst all this tension? It’s sad that so many of us think about all these questions and more. There’s not a care in the world for the victim’s plight.

Instead, friends and family need to encourage the victims to report sexual violence without any delay. Criminals like these should face the law rather than roam around scot-free finding other unsuspecting victims.

In a lot of cases, people are scared to report since they fear that the judiciary and the police can be easily bribed and the attackers can walk free. This is where, the victims would require support from all the authorities. If the rapist has a criminal record based on the description by the victim, the police can start the search as soon as possible if promptly reported.

Quicker conviction along with support from friends and family can also help the victims move forward with their lives as normal individuals without worrying about the past.

In case of sexual assaults, it’s very important to do a health check of the victim as soon as possible for any sexually transmitted diseases. There could also be damage to the internal organs and bleeding which if not stopped in time may lead to eventual death.

It’s really important for the victims to know that this is not their mistake and they shouldn’t feel embarrassed. We all should try to reintegrate them into society as easily as possible rather than shaming them away. It’s not that they called for it, did they?

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