Family traditions

Family traditions


From organizing extravagant parties to exchanging gifts of all kinds; from going on international visits to being very spiritual, different kinds of traditions run in families throughout the world. While some may call them quirky, weird or bizarre, these traditions define the soul of families and the way they live. Let’s go through a list of some of the most interesting traditions we see around us.

When the money starts flowing in, you either save most of it and use the rest on your daily budgets or you spend it extravagantly. There are numerous families who believe that any event in the family should be celebrated in the best of hotels with varied international cuisine and an entire gamut of guests. It’s like if they celebrate, they expect the entire city to know of their happiness in organizing an event at such a grand scale.

For many, life is incomplete if they don’t go on an international trip at least once a year. While some do travel alone, there are others who prefer taking their families and friends along thus creating a mini – reunion internationally.

Religion, culture, virtues and so on and so forth. Numerous families have their own beliefs and the elders love to pass them on from generation to generation. In cases where the youngsters don’t agree with some of these beliefs, the elders tend to make a big fuss and things get ugly. That’s the time the usual generation gap strikes.

There are families who always sleep, celebrate festivals, play games, go for longĀ  walks, have meals, watch movies and more only in the company of each other. They believe that this helps maintain love, happiness and togetherness.

Whatever the quirks of family traditions, these traditions do help in bringing families closer to each other.

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