5 things I can't live without..

5 things I can’t live without..

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We all have those few things which we can’t live without. From a phone to a book; from nail polishes to creams, we tend to start getting nervous if any our favourite things aren’t around us.

As I began thinking of the things that I can’t live without, it also struck me that few of these things weren’t actually necessities even just a few years ago.

Phone and Laptop

There was a time when people actually managed without mobile phones. But in today’s world of Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes, it’s almost impossible to think of life without a phone. And moreover, for people like us who are far away from friends and family, it’s one of the most important tools to stay in touch.

For many, tablets would be more useful these days. But since I haven’t really felt the need to buy one, I continue with my 5.5 year old laptop which serves various purposes from helping me watch my favourite movies and series to penning down blog posts.


This is quite obvious for most of the people around. But then, how many of you carry an empty one around just to tell your friends that you have burned a hole in your packet and are totally broke ;)?


Books started to become part and parcel of my life from my engineering days. While I am not someone who is excellent in literary terms and neither like those college love stories being dished out in the name of novels, I surely have found a middle ground over the years. And if I come to think of it, books surely have the power to be our best friends.


While in the last one month, I have blogged way lesser than before, my blog is a very important part of my life. When I began, I had always heard that more than 90% blogs start very well with much fanfare. But the posts begin to stop as the energy of the bloggers starts to dissipate over the years.

And this is where, I have ensured that blogging becomes a part of my life like any other activity be it eating or sleeping. 600+ posts in 6.5 years isn’t bad, right?


There was a time when cooking and me were far away from each other. But then, as I began working, things began to change. With the help of friends, family and YouTube, I started experimenting with dishes and to my delight, they turned out way better than I had ever imagined. The excessively oily food served in the restaurants in my area was what got me going in terms of cooking.

And today, it’s been more than 4 years and I am loving every bit of it. While I don’t necessarily cook everyday and haven’t really cooked up a feast for a large number of people, I at least am happy with how the food turns out and that’s not a small thing in itself.

So what is it that you can do without in your life?

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