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100 word story: Belief



While initially, she was just a need, she had become his obsession over the years. It pained him to see her going around with anyone else. And he could go to any length to make sure that never happened.

Whether it was stalking her almost everywhere or beating up the guys who tried to flirt around with her, he had made her life living hell. But one fine day she was gone. He searched everywhere but to no avail. Finally, when he did hear about her marriage, his world came crashing down. That was his ‘I can’t believe it’ moment.


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What goes around comes around..


100 word fiction: As it waited for its prey..


  1. Glad she could escape his eyes! Stalking is scary!

  2. I wonder if at some time or the other, every guy has not fit into this description 🙂

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