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What makes a person beautiful?

What defines beauty?

What defines beauty?


In a lot many nations around the world, beauty is defined simply by physical appearance. If you are tall, fair complexioned and slim, you are considered really good looking. But if you are dark, short, fat and so on and so forth, you are considered quite awful in terms of looks.

But who defines what looks good? For many of us, from the time we are young, our parents keep telling us to use creams and look good. In the case of women, they are always reminded that if they don’t look good, it would be really difficult to get them married. No one cares if the girl has good values, beliefs, is independent and the likes.

When guys look for prospective brides, one of the primary requirements for so many of them is that the girl should be fair, tall and slim. This irrespective of the fact that the guy may actually look horrible to say the least.

Then there are the numerous fairness cream adverts on TV. All of them have this back-story where the individuals were feeling down and out when they were ‘dark’. But as soon as they used a fairness cream, their life got a new meaning and everything seemed perfect again. Sadly, this drives home the stereotype that being dark is a horrible thing. While such adverts were generally directed to women a few years ago, fairness creams specially for men have started springing up as well.

So coming back to the question, ‘Who defines what looks good?’. Is it our family? Is it the numerous advertisements? Is it our friends? In the end, none of them can decide something what we have the right to think about ourselves.

While yes, for healthy reasons, we need to try to stay fit, there is no point in using fairness creams to become fair if God himself has given you a dark complexion. Physical beauty is nothing but a mirage. While you may look really beautiful from the outside, you may actually be one of the worst people to talk to and be friends with.

Beauty is all about respecting your elders, having good values, manners and beliefs and to top it all, about becoming a good human being.

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  1. A person’s heart makes him or her beautiful. It’s the honesty that shows in the eyes. The words that are spoke and the warmth that is spread. Isn’t it?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Truly agree Parul. An individual without honesty and warmth is quite worthless. We need to collectively change our thinking and rise over narrow minded opinions on physical beauty.

  2. mackenzieglanville

    Well said, I think it goes for men too, even they are expected to use creams etc these days to keep their looks, when I started dating my hubby he was shy and caring and both his and my friends thought it wouldn’t last, that somehow I was too good for him. All I could see was the kindest hearted man I had ever met, we are still madly in love after 15 years! Thanks for linking #Fridayreflections

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah with the times, I guess even the men have had to change their thinking. With the so called ‘metrosexual man’ coming into the public domain, it seems as though companies are running to get customers for their beauty products.

      Great to know about your relationship. A good heart is what matters in the end :). Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to my blog :D.

  3. Beauty is most definitely beyond the physical.

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