Guiding force of our lives..

Guiding forces of our lives..


Whether professional or personal, all of us look to our friends and family for advice and support in some form or the other at different stages in our lives.

Why do we do so? Is it because of the comfort and care? Is it because we really believe that they would advise us in an unbiased manner? Is it because we feel that they would give us the correct advice based on their experience?

In the end, it’s all these reasons and more. From choosing the right college after school to making the right friends; from matters of love to getting married, there are numerous questions, problems and confusions we all go through. When it comes to resolving them, we remember our loved ones whose opinions we respect.

From the time we are small, our parents always guide us to do things in a certain way. They advise us to study with dedication and hard work so that we can do well in our career. When it comes to elders, it’s always about respecting them through our words and deeds. Further, we must always learn to separate the good friends from the rest. This would also ensure that we don’t get into any bad habits.

And then, more importantly, there’s also the important decisions like choosing the right educational qualification, the right job, the right girl and more. Many parents force their children to do things in a way they would like to be done whether it’s making a choice between engineering and medicine during graduation or getting married to a girl of their choice.

But one can’t really force his or her dreams down the child’s throat. In such scenarios, while children do tolerate things upto a certain point, it is generally a recipe for unhappiness and dejection over a longer period of time.

At a certain point in their children’s lives, parents must accept the fact that they have given all the learning and taught all the values and virtues to their children. Whether their children follow these values and virtues in their daily life depends on their own willpower and also the teachings of their parents.

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