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Do women want to be treated specially or equally?

Do women want to be treated specially or equally?

Do women want to be treated specially or equally?


In today’s day and age, everyone talks about equality between men and women in every sphere of life. Whether its professionally in the corporate boardrooms or sharing chores at home, women expect to be treated at par with their male counterparts. But there’s a thin line between treating women equally or specially. Which one do they prefer?

Consider the below situation –

You are traveling in a crowded bus and see a woman standing nearby. More often than not, a lot of men in this situation will offer their seat to the lady and prefer to stand.

While this is generally considered being chivalrous, some women could perceive this as giving them special treatment. Are women weak? Aren’t they strong enough to stand for a certain amount of time? These are the questions which may swirl in their heads.

The women’s reservation bill which seeks to reserve 33% seats in the Indian parliament, Lok Sabha and state legislative assemblies has been pending for some time. As per a recent directive from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), every organization should have at least one women on their board. In order to bring diversity to their campuses, some of the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) – the premier business schools in the country, have decided to give more marks to the women aspirants.

While all these moves indicate that special treatment is being given to women, it’s all because of the way we have always treated women from the beginning of time.

From the time a girl is born, she is considered a burden on her parents. Be it her education, the clothes she wears, the way she talks with her friends and family, everything is scrutinized in minute detail.

“If you keep behaving like this at your in – laws house, how will things work?”

“You sleep all day. Why don’t you help me in the household chores? How will you manage after marriage?”

“Why don’t you put on this cream? Don’t you know fair girls are considered so much better in our community?”

“There’s no need to study so much and then work too hard. We will get you married to a good family and am sure your husband will take good care of you. You will live like a queen.”

Though the times are changing, I am sure all women out there would have heard either one or all of the above lines from their parents, friends or family members at least once in their lifetime. It’s not that our parents wish bad times befall us. But it’s just that this is what they have always seen in life.

As the times started to change and equality became the buzzword, corporates and other universities rushed to give women their due in society. It’s not that everyone suddenly started to consider  men and women as equal. But instead, it began to seem more like a corporate social responsibility (CSR) exercise.

And this is why, we need to be the change we want to see. Every parent should treat their daughter in the same way as they treat their son.Whether it’s about doing the household chores or being able to work in any professional career, parents should always encourage their daughters.

That’s when the special treatment wouldn’t be needed anymore.

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  1. Wow ! I actually wrote a very strikingly similar post a few days ago. While I don’t agree with everything you said but I do face the marriage pressure from the fam :/

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Ritika :). Oh yeah marriage pressure is there always ;). The simple questions – “Oh! What will society say?” or “How will we get a guy / girl for you if you marry so late?”

  2. I strongly agree with your conclusion and believe in treating all kids the same way, regardless of gender, so that they may grow up to see each other as equals instead of different species.
    As a woman from a country where women are generally expected to study, work and take care of themselves regardless of whether or not they are married, I find it interesting to read about your perspective on equality.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Jolineys, wish every country in the world followed the model in your country on the way women are treated. And moreover these days, equality has just become a buzzword for many just for staying in the news but not doing much really. Sad but true :/.

  3. That is such a thoughtful post and coming from a male, I value it even more. You are so right . Equal status is all I want. No special. If you don’t stand for me in a crowded bus, I wouldn’t fret 🙂 And if there is an elderly person, I would offer my seat.

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